Ethiopia’s Future Is Fashion Forward

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France And The Future Of The Food Technology

In the beginning of the 21st century, we are on the threshold of the most radical transformation of our food industry since Pasteur and the Green Revolution. Farming is now regulated by software and high-tech sensors,


Learning Your Metabolism Rate For Weight Loss

Resting metabolic rate, the calories your body burns at rest, makes up approximately two-thirds of TEE and depends on your age, sex, body size, its composition, hormone levels and recent energy intake.


Self-driving Cars – A Billion Dollar Gamble

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Beautiful Girl Working With Notebook

People might not have to swear off junk food and soda to lose weight, according to a Don't get too excited -- there are still health consequences to what we But this might help people rethink what…


Mobile Kiosk Available At Fitness Center From Today

Rocket Internet, the German ‘startup factory’ and e-commerce behemoth, is de-cloaking its latest venture Founded by two ex-McKinsey management consultants, Peter Baumgart and Maximilian Vollenbroich, Carspring is a marketplace for pre-owned the cloud computing arm of Alibaba,…


Successful Businessman In the New Era

2015 was a big year for video especially when it came to user-generated video startups. Now there are services like this company which of us ever undertakes laborious physical exercise and that company which are enabling users to broadcast the world around.