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December 18th, 2015

P eople might not have to swear off junk food and soda to lose weight, according to a study.

Don’t get too excited — there are still health consequences to what we eat. But this might help people rethink what they cut out when they’re trying to cut weight.

The findings should not be taken as carte blanche for people to eat all the fries, soda and desserts they want. These foods are linked to diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure, and there could be individuals who are more likely to gain weight from eating junk foods, Just said.

“Passing up on junk food is a good idea, but it is probably not going to move the needle as much as focusing on the things you eat regularly,”

Just said. What will probably have a bigger impact on weight is how much you eat of those everyday foods and main dishes, and not the occasional junk food splurge, he added. Reducing total calories eaten and the frequency of snacking might be the better dieting advice, the study said.

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